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J&B Marquee Hire will provide a quotation based on the information given verbally or via the quotation request form completed on our website. Quotations are subject to VAT at the current rate and are valid for 30 days.
Quotations are subject to a site visit to check suitability of site, positioning of marquee, vehicle access and to assess any possible obstructions.
If event postcode is not specified at time of quotation request, we reserve the right to amend quotation to include additional transport costs.

Deposit Payments

To proceed with a booking, we require a 25% non-refundable deposit. If we are hiring in equipment on your behalf (e.g. Toilets, Generators etc.), we may require a higher deposit amount.
Full balance payment is required 4 weeks prior to equipment delivery date.
We accept payment by bank transfer, cash or cheque.
If paying by cheque, cleared funds are required 4 weeks prior to delivery.


To cancel a booking, you must contact us by telephone at least 4 weeks prior to delivery of equipment. We will then confirm by email, that we have accepted cancellation.
If cancellation is made after 4 weeks before delivery, customer will be liable for the full payment.
Please note, deposit payments are non – refundable.

Amendment to Event Date

Please contact us as soon as possible, if you need to re-schedule your event date.
If we have availability for your amended date, we will endeavour to fulfil your request.
Please note, we cannot guarantee availability and additional charges may apply.


J&B Marquee Hire has full public liability insurance.
It is the hirers full responsibility to ensure the security of our equipment when on either the hirers land or a venues land. To ensure security of equipment hired and to avoid any disruption to the event, we would recommend that the hirer arranges security during the hire period.
Please note that we may not be able to replace stolen or damaged equipment at short notice.
We advise hirers to consider one off event insurance/wedding insurance.

Delivery of Equipment

On the day of delivery, it is the hirers responsibility to ensure that there is adequate access to the marquee site.
If we advised levelling of marquee site, this must be carried out prior to delivery.
Please be aware that we are not able to lay dance floors on uneven ground.
Marquee site must be cleared of any debris and grass cutting carried out prior to delivery.
If any of the above points are not addressed, there may be delays in construction of the marquee and additional charges may apply.

Site Safety

We take safety seriously and require that no-one other than our construction team enter the site area during construction of the marquee. Please also ensure that no children enter the construction area and advise us of any pets that may be nearby.

Sign Off

When marquee has been erected, we require the hirer or nominated individual to be available to run through the marquee details, to ensure both the hirer and J&B Marquee Hire are satisfied with the construction and any queries have been addressed.

Hirers Responsibility

The hirer is responsible for the following:

  • to ensure that all permissions have been granted from public or local authorities.
  • to advise us of any water/gas pipes or electrical cable that may be below the marquee site. We cannot be responsible for any damage incurred.
  • to advise of any additional electrical equipment, other than our equipment, that requires power.
  • to ensure that no cooking equipment (other than in catering/service areas), lighting or electrical items are used in the marquee, without agreement with J&B Marquee Hire.
  • no adhesive tape to be applied to either the marquee walls or interior linings.
  • no pins or items to be affixed to the marquee walls or interior linings.
  • no items to be suspended from the marquee framework without agreement with J&B Marquee Hire.
  • no alterations to be made to the marquee structure or equipment (including heaters/electrical items) without prior agreement.
  • no glassware, food or drinks to be taken onto dance floors.
  • no smoking within marquee. Sand buckets outside are recommended.
  • to ensure that no dangerous or combustible materials are stored in the marquee.
  • to ensure that fire and safety procedures are observed.
  • exits must not be obstructed.


The cost of any equipment damaged or missing will be the hirers responsibility. We reserve the right to apply a charge for any exceptional cleaning costs or repairs, caused by misuse.

Marquee Collection

Prior to dismantling of marquee, we require that any items & decorations belonging to the hirer are removed from the marquee along with any waste items (cans, bottles etc.).

Adverse Weather Conditions/Liability

In the event of adverse weather conditions such as high winds or heavy snow, J&B Marquee Hire reserve the right to cancel construction of a marquee and if marquee has already been constructed, advise hirer that marquee must not be used.

J&B Marquee Hire will not be liable for any cancellation or delay due to adverse weather conditions.

Force Majeure

J&B Marquee Hire will not be liable for failure or delay in the performance of its obligations, if such performance is delayed or hindered by the occurrence of an unforeseeable act or event which is beyond its reasonable control.